Our Approach

Structure & Strategy


Argonautic Ventures is comprised of venture funds managed by our best-in-class team of fund managers

Argonautic is a group of micro-funds with varying investment theses and group of general partners. Our innovative and flexible structure allows us to deploy into a portfolio of companies across industry and stages. Our venture funds identify targeted returns based on specific investment theses that our team is well positioned to act upon. We focus on a handful of emerging and mature industries where secular shifts are creating new business models that can scale quickly. Our investment team has experience investing across several sectors related to technology, healthcare and emerging markets.

Transparency is fundamental to our relationships with our team and investors. We remain in regular contact with our investors and provide full access to the information they need. We are open about our operations and employ a third-party auditor to review our activities on an annual basis. Learn more about our partners here. As standard practice, detailed disclosure documents are distributed to potential and existing investors that detail Argonautic’s legal structure, incentive structure and investment strategies & objectives. We clearly identify and communicate the investment thesis for each holding to ensure they are fully informed when they invest alongside us. We disclose details of our best-in-class service providers and partners.

Illustrative Fund Strategy

1. Our seed and series A funds take a collaborative co-investment approach to deal flow, typically taking a minority stake in portfolio companies. We partner with our early stage companies and support them as they find their footing and take off. Argonautic is eager to support subsequent financing rounds and growth initiatives.

2. Our fund structure enables us to support our winners as they raise capital beyond their early stages. We typically maintain minority stakes in our investments in later stage investments. Our fund managers use their operational experience and well-connected network to support existing investments and assess exciting opportunities.

3. Not all investment opportunities fit within one of our funds' investment criteria. In these situations, our fund managers utilize special purpose vehicles to take positions in unique investment opportunities.


Argonautic Ventures Special Situations Fund I SP (AVSS)

A hybrid stage agnostic fund comprised of investments in industries such as Biotechnology, AgTech, Cannabis, Ride-Sharing, SpaceTech and HardTech. Each industry is supported by our strategic general partners. The fund is strategically balanced with a 80/20 weighted distribution between early and late stage. The late stage component is due to unique access to opportunistic investments at the pre-IPO stage. 

Argonautic Struck Capital Seed Fund I SP (ASCSF)

An agile venture capital fund that operates an opportunistic early-stage investment strategy focused on 6 categories that currently guide the fund's investment thesis: Fintech, AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, Millennials / Generation Z and Healthcare IT. The fund represents the top entrepreneurs and co-investors with several founders being repeat, serial entrepreneurs with successful exits. 

Argonautic iSelect Special Situations Fund I SP (AISS)

Focused on investments in the Healthcare, Agriculture Technology and Energy/Conservation. iSelect is interested in markets that have had a macro-level shift in R&D and innovation is increasingly grass-roots. We seek customer-driven innovation accelerated by strategic investment and scaled by capital-efficient, project finance. iSelect invests in energy, materials, resource efficiency, and Internet of Things ventures attacking large markets with sustainable and scalable business models in opportunities that blend internet-enabled hardware and software across applications.

Argonautic Ventures Special Opportunity Funds (AVSO I, II & III)

These are stage-agnostic funds that take larger stakes in opportunistic investments. Typically, these funds invest in scaled, mature businesses at a favorable valuation or industry inflection / convergence points. These funds may also take larger positions in companies in the Argonautic family.