Our Approach

How We Invest


We’ve seen first-hand that great businesses are built by good people. We invest in teams with values that align with ours.


During our diligence process, we assess the criteria below.


Value Proposition

What problem are you solving for customers?


Product-Market Fit

How does your product solve this problem?



Who is the team building the vision?


Customer Segments

Who is your customer?


Financial Planning

How have you spent your capital?



Why does your industry need you?


Competitive Landscape

Who else does what you do?



Why and how will you beat the rest?


Secret Sauce

The passion that makes your dream about your business

Investment Segments


Due Diligence Model

All companies are different, so each diligence process differs. While there’s no cookie-cutter template, this is a general structure with key milestones of the diligence process.

+ 1. Preliminary Assessment

  • We evaluate hundreds of opportunities and during the screening process we assess the sourcing channel, founding team, product/service, and industry
  • Evaluate the founding team’s previous experience and relevance to the product and market
  • Assess the product’s/service’s applications and use cases. Complete product demo, if applicable
  • Identify the target market, customer segment, competitive landscape and barriers to entry

+ 2. Extensive Diligence

  • Following a preliminary assessment, the team conducts extensive diligence with a focus on the product and market
  • Analyze core technology and its scalability
  • Evaluate historical and future milestones
  • Assess product differentiation and defensibility
  • Evaluate how the company measures the size and growth potential of the market
  • Evaluate go-to-market and monetization strategy
  • Understand customer demographic and demand
  • Coordinate with advisory network for feedback from industry experts

+ 3. Management Meeting

Schedule a face-to-face meeting with the founder(s), if possible, to assess the leadership team. This meeting is used to discuss final areas of diligence and understand the team’s motivation. If additional industry expertise is required, we include individuals from our partner network to support in diligence.

+ 4. Term Sheet Assessment

Review the detailed terms of the deal including valuation, pro rata rights, employee incentive plan (E.g. ESOP), etc.

+ 5. Invest & Partner

After diligence and term sheet negotiations, the investment committee reviews the opportunity. After investments are made, we support investments with our strategic network and expertise. We monitor progress of our portfolio companies and are eager to support them with future growth initiative.